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  1. Jimmy says:

    The best ass!!!!!!!

  2. powerlifter1990 says:

    Hey saw you on kassemg’s crazy show XD
    is your ex boyfriend dying by any chance ? (i’m dead serious) he looks like he’s about to drop dead of HIV :S

  3. Carlos Sanchez says:

    I really think Faye is the best. Is the most beautiful girl I ever seen. My dream is to meet her although I know is an impossible.

  4. mr bass says:

    where do i join!!!

  5. kader says:

    i love you

  6. Len says:

    Hi Faye,
    The 50 prettiest women in porn list got it wrong. You are #1, not #10. You are also the sexiest. Thanks for sharing your beauty and sensuality.

  7. kui says:

    by far the best ass and pussy by a long shot, top 10 of all time.

  8. Alexa says:

    Really the most beautiful girl. I’m not lesbian but i really love looking at faye’s pictures. They’re just perfect!
    Awesomeness enbodied.

  9. adrian reyna says:

    hey faye its been my dream to have an amazing fuck session with you

  10. ilker says:

    sen benim meleğimsin sana bayılıyorum

  11. astifler says:

    faye ;in my view is the#2 contemporary pornstar after maria ozawa if she is still in business(ozawa)and presently the best oral performer since grey has retired,will love to get sucked by her

  12. nahuee says:

    i love this girl! is the most beautiful girl the world. i realy love. i love you faye reagan and no other women only you!

  13. Emma says:

    I fell in love with you Faye, ….how can I meet you?????

  14. tintamerah says:


  15. tintamerah says:

    u perfect

  16. Samra says:

    when will fayee take it in ass i love the whole of u fayee
    But ur ass fuck it will be Great

  17. hakan says:

    i didnt see before like this beatiful girl if i ll be with you kust 1 nigth i can give everthink. from turkey HAKAN

  18. Baker says:

    Hey faye,
    Im not sure if you will ever read this, but I guess this is one way to try and get a hold of you, me and my girlfriend have been dating awhile, and have been through some very tough times, as a couple I think it is essential to explore new things together and fulfill each others desires. I am a guy and I unfortunately possess the desire to have a threesome with my girlfriend, however she may not be into girls because she is straight, however I know she is very curious about other woman and told me that the only way she would try it, is if her first time with a girl was with her favorite pornstar, (You!) You are incredible and I really hope this submission will reach you, because this is the only way for us to both experience an amazing opportunity, thanks for your time

  19. I_Mac20 says:

    Why did you have to be in porn? You are the most attractive Irish girl I have ever seen and as a guy who’s from Ireland looking for someone Irish its annoying that you are unreachable. Big fan

  20. Sinbad says:

    Will u marry me

  21. Tyson Nelson says:

    Wow a marriage proposal you really do bring out strong emotions in people I saw the list where they rated you very poor you are 1. But aletta guys aren’t as attracted to redheads. So you are a very charitable person I have been a fundraiser for many charities operation smiles the nature conservancy foundation fighting blindness. I was told you were a big supporter of charities keep it up and I hope you help some of those on the list oh wait Special Olympics worked with them as well anyway I hope you are happy and I wish you a great life sincerely, Tyson

  22. Tyson Nelson says:

    I really do wish you happiness and a good life I really do, sincerely.

  23. kamaraju says:

    The one & only girl #fayereagan want to fuck & loose my virginity before marriage….. I love suck fuck……………………………. u r my dream girl

  24. peter says:

    i wanna marry you faye

  25. Shane says:

    I have been a fan of you and your lovely freckles for about 3-4 years now. For the love of God. One time. So assuming I’m clean which I am and able to travel for a weekend getaway my treat or just what the requirements are to make your little toes curl. I have a picture to send you. Contact me im good looking and the member is nice and proud.

  26. ptm says:

    I think you are hot & sexy.

  27. Brian says:

    Just saw your June 1, 2011 interview. Absolutely honest about everything. It was great to hear, not just from a porn star, but from a very attractive young lady, the things she enjoys. It was a breath of fresh air. Well It’s 2018 and I don’t think you look at this website anymore, but if you do you have a fan. Take care and keep it going till you want to stop.

  28. Randall says:

    You are cut sex

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