Faye Reagan Quick Facts

Alias: Faye Valentine, Fay Reagan, Faye Regan, Robin Rivers
Date of Birth: 9/19/1988
Home Town: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Measurements: 34B-23-36
Height: 5′4
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown

Faye Reagan Biography.

Faye Reagan is a fairly newcomer to the adult industry making her entry in 2007 at only 19 years old but she is certainly not one to be pigeonholed in to the cute Co-Ed niche. Throughout her career Faye has taken part in lesbian, cum shot and interracial movies to name a few, for big name studios like Vivid, Penthouse and Hustler.

Faye Reagan is most often recognized for her gorgeous long red hair and freckles and as a result has a large fan base of redhead lovers. Faye is also well known for her part in the film The Gauntlet 3 in which she featured in four scenes doing an orgy, a cream pie and a blow job gang bang where she gave eighteen men blow jobs. It is rumored that Faye swallowed all the cum produced during that scene.

Faye Reagan doesn’t have many no no’s but she has yet to do anal scenes on camera and for a short period of time while engaged to fellow porn star Dane Cross she refused to have sex with other men on film. Faye later announced that she would return to fucking other men on camera and didn’t waste any time in getting back in to the swing of things shooting multiple hardcore films in the following months.

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  1. Joe Nobey says:

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  5. Alexandrine says:

    You really stand out among all the actresses. I’m looking up to you and thee boobies (no joking :3 ). I wish you the best ~

  6. Joey D says:

    I have never jerked off to you for a reason… You are absolutely gorgeous. Stunning! You should not be in porn. Your potential has been wasted!

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  8. Pup named Scooby Doo says:

    Faye is the most amazing Redhead I’ve yet to find. Her acting has really helped me through two deployments lol. I wish I could find more pale skinned redheads with lots of freckles, its my guilty obsession.

  9. Jizzy2Faye says:

    Hi Faye wanted to say, like all these guys you are my absolute fave, i first saw your just the solo naked pics of u on some website and i just fell in looooove,you are crazy HOT babe.Wish u all the best.

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  12. Emma says:

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    I fell in love with you…you are so beautifull ….!!!!!

  13. charles says:

    I never knew who Faye was, I stumbled across her video and I was enchanted by her beauty, the more the camera locks on to her eyes, the more I was pulled in. There is a warm in those eyes that men have gone to war for throughtout the ages. Her beauty is unparalleled. I agree with Joey D, she could have taken a different route. Either way, I wish her all the best.

  14. Jimmy says:


    You’re my favourite porn star, you’re just my kind of girl.
    My girlfriend’s body is similar to yours, belly, skin, freckles, nipples, pussy, ass and feet, even the way you moan :$
    I can imagine my girlfriend evrytime I watch your videos.
    You’re great, keep up and don’t make any changes to your body like the others do!

    xoxo Jimmybadboy

  15. mistered15 says:

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  16. Liz H says:

    Faye <3

    Im a straight girl and also a fellow redhead like you. I think your beautiful and you stand out so much, so it is understandable why you are considered one of the prettiest girls in porn. You look unique! I admire you! I also love kitties just like you!


  17. no botox says:

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    Can any one please tell me the name of faye’s straight movie in which she fucks to save her brother from jail

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  20. Depende says:

    Hola Faye,

    También tienes un admirador en América Latina. Te felicito por tu trabajo, la manera como actúas es simplemente fenomenal…eres muy dulce y atractiva!!!

    Congrats! I hope everything is going well for you,


  21. Darryl Geraci says:

    Still the hottest woman I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Would have loved to have known you on any level, think your incredible.

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    To be frank by just seeing a video of ur i became a big fan of are so beautiful..why dont u try out sex wearing gloves..i really love you..can u mail me back dear..i want to know more about u.

  23. mistered15 says:

    faye du bist das schönste was ich je gesehen habe du bist meine göttin

  24. Alexander says:

    Hello Faye,

    when I saw you, I immediatly knew that you are different. You look so strong and so calm. What is your secret ? I have a great admiration for all you do and how you do it that’s why I am sure that you’re an interessant girl and full of surprises. You’re simply priceless !!!

    Tender kisses

  25. Mr K Holt says:

    Just found your experience at Wish more girl were like you. I have seen a lot in my 33 years but I must say you are my favorite. Hope you enjoy what you do 🙂 Best wishes from Denmark

  26. ThumperZ1 says:

    According to a couple of sources she has retired from the industry.(2013) She no longer has control over her Official site and left Twitter in 2011. As far as I can tell anything that is passed off as new is just old stuff reissued. Still making tons of money off of her.

  27. Giant Animal says:

    Hai Faye,My question is How much you earn from single porno shoot?and what you suggest to new talent to join this or not?as well Are you promoting new talent by introducing them in industry?
    Suggestion:The worst problems you face in industry
    ,try protect new one’s.

  28. Bigtiny says:

    I am a big fan, I just want to know why she doesn’t have sex with black guys. I seen her do a blow job but never sex.

  29. jimbeau says:

    cuz she doesnt want to get the hivs

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